About Sol Aromatics

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My name is Susan Farber and I am the founder and creator of Sol Aromatics. I am a trained perfumer and certified aromatherapist with a long-term career as a psychotherapist. For many years I pursued an education and a career in psychology until I met with a niche perfumer for a custom designed perfume. The creative process of blending was invigorating and inspired me to pursue specialized training under internationally recognized perfumers, Mandy Aftel,  Shelley Waddington, and Sarah Horawitz.   My training in perfume and aromatherapy, combined with a focus on the mind-body connection as a psychotherapist, inspired me to create Sol Aromatics, a collection of perfume and aromatherapy products, services, and workshops to inspire positive mind, body and feeling states to support the Spiral of Life (SOL).