Past Events

                   Mother's Day Natural Perfume-Making Workshop - Wildling Museum -  2019


Participants designed their own artisanal fragrance with their mom, creating a lasting memory that can be relived every time don their perfume. 


"We spent Mother's Day with my Mom and my daughter at one of Susan Farber's Sol Aromatics Perfume Workshops.  We had an amazing day blending our own all natural scent. We called it "Mama Mia" for Mother's Day. I highly recommend Susan Farber's workshops!  We are planning on doing another one with her soon! " -  from a participant

 "Susan's perfume making class was very enjoyable. It's clear how knowledgeable Susan is about essential oils and how to create perfumes that are appealing and personal. My daughter and I had fun learning about the process of making our own perfume. It was a bonding experience and I recommend it highly. Susan took great care in explaining each step and adding an element of fun.  Thanks, Susan for your expertise! ~~~ Maryejo del Meijer, MA, LMT  

                     Natural Solid Perfume-Making Workshop - Windmill Nursery - 2018

Photo by Eduard Militaru on Unsplash


Participants designed their very own natural solid perfume in a greenhouse among the plant kingdom, experiencing the aromatic beauty of flowers, fruits, spices, and woods.